Affiliate disclosure

Best By The Numbers sometimes promotes affiliate products in our articles.

We believe in full transparency and therefore we will also disclose at the top of an article where there are affiliate links in our articles.

We sometimes get asked what affiliate links are. In short, an affiliate link is a special link we insert into our articles. If you click on that link and end up purchasing a product on the website you are taken to, we get a commission from that sale. However, our commission adds no additional cost to you. 

Please note that our affiliate relationships have no bearing on what we write. Our aim is to write honest and unbiased reviews so that our readers are in the best position possible to weigh up any purchasing decision. 

If we believe there are cons to a certain product we will clearly point them out. 

Here is a list of our affiliate partners as of June 2020:

  • Manifestation Magic
  • 15-minute Manifestation
  • Backyard Revolution

If you have any questions about our affiliate relationships, please contact us.